One Reason to Dislike Spotlight

It doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

Image of Spotlight failing
Image of Spotlight failing
In this screenshot, I’m searching for the file that contains my Windows 7 Beta keys. See for yourself how well Spotlight performs. I keep thinking that I’ve been too harsh on Spotlight. I should give it another chance. Times passes, I think to myself, “where did I put that file with the Windows 7 keys? I’ll bet I named it something obvious. Let’s use spotlight!” Then it spits in my face.

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  • john

    Sorry for kicking such an old post.

    I find that I almost always have to do Show All and then select filename, implying that by default, the file contents are getting a more thorough search than the file name. It seems like it worked better in Snow Leopard, but I could just be imagining things. Probably a bad decision on the people at apple.

    • Harvey Chapman

      Good hint. It seems that Spotlight is a bit more stable than it used to be. I also discovered that my Spotlight database was always partially corrupt. I think the problem was that I had lots of large source code folders and Spotlight, by default, will try to index all of those.