The intent of this site is to capture information gleaned from life. Mostly, it’s the results of days worth of web searches that usually result in 15 minutes of real work. I used to write these posts up and then e-mail them to myself, but then no one else could benefit from my time. Enjoy. Most everything you find here should be pointers to something I found interesting or wanted to capture for posterity. Most of it will be technical, but I will dip my feet into other waters from time to time as well.


My wife tells me that I have an insatiable need to acquire knowledge and investigate minutiae. I think she’s a bright lady. (Did you know that the word “lady” comes from old words for people who kneed dough…) See what I mean?

I have two wonderful children to go with my gifted wife here in sunny, St Petersburg, Florida.


If you’d like to hire me or know more about my capabilities, you can view my resume: PDF, Word.

Embedded Systems / Linux Expertise