Using CoRD Full Screen

CoRD is a great Windows Remote Desktop client, however, it can be a little confusing to use in Full Screen mode. The trick is to start in Full Screen mode. Then, you can switch back-and-forth at will. If you start in Windowed mode, it will disconnect when you try to connect Full Screen. I think this is due to a single resolution being negotiated on startup. So, in the former mode, it scales down from Full Screen to use a windowed mode.

CoRD – Use Local Screen Size


First things first, tell CoRD to use your local screen size for full screen if it’s not already set in the Preferences.

CoRD – Set Servers to Start Full Screen By Default


If you’d like the full screen behavior by default for all new servers and connections you can set it here.

CoRD – Set a Server to Start Full Screen


Or if you just want full screen on a case-by-case basis, set it on each individual server.

  • PJacques

    I’m using CORD on 3 MAC, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The full screen option is important, but only on the last computer installed, the MacBook Pro, I have the CORD-Set Severs to start Full Screen by default. This option doesn’t apear on the other installations. I’ve done a new download, and the problem continues. Any help? Thanks!

  • Steve Warren

    The full-screen option is nice. Where I had a problem was that I could not seem to exit out of full-screen mode (without closing the session). Wasn’t finding an answer online either. So in case anyone else is also trying to return to windowed mode, what worked for me is pressing Command-w.