Replacing the Battery in a Boogie Board

Boogie Board My son’s Boogie Board from Brookstone recently stopped working and I suspected that he had given it the stated 6 years of use in 2 years time. Unfortunately, Improv Electronics, the manufacturer, chose to save a few cents and used a soldered battery. I needed to solder something for my work, so I thought fixing his board might provide a dry run of my soldering skills before I ruin a customer’s hardware.

Soldering Kit

After a quick trip to the local electronics chain, I had my instruments.

Breakable Hinges

You’ll need a T6 Torx screwdriver to open the Boogie Board. Be careful to open the case like you see in the picture. There are some hinged pieces of plastic along the top. If you zoom in, you’ll see I’ve already broken two.

Original Battery Installed

The original installed battery is a permanently installed CR2025. I bought a CR2032, but the only difference is the capacity and thickness.

Battery Holder

I bought this CR2025/2032 battery holder thinking I would make the battery easily replaceable, but the holder is too large to fit in the case. Maybe in two more years, when the battery runs out again, I’ll find a lower-profile holder.

New Battery Installed, Part 1

New Battery Installed, Part 2

Here’s the finished result. It’s not pretty, but it works and my son is happy. I tried to lift the soldered battery and ended up almost completely ripping up the pad. In the end, I dropped a fair amount of solder on the pad and pushed the battery next to it until it stuck. I couldn’t get wire to stick to the battery, so I just taped it down. In fact, unless you’re good at soldering, you may just want to stick with tape. If you make it thick enough, the case will keep the connections tight. Last, I added a couple of layers of tape to the erase button so the case button won’t depress too far. Sometimes it gets stuck down.

Hopefully, this helps someone else. It definitely made my four year old happy. Happy Hacking.

  • leslie

    thnx man…working on mine

    • Harvey


  • Ken Newman

    Jan 4, 2014, With these notes I replaced our battery today. I used caution so as not to break the top cover tabs while opening the tablet. Then I used a simple Swiss Army Blade to break (cut) the solder points from the battery – without clipping and cutting a circuit or ruining the positive and negative contacts. With positive down, I used a measured piece of duct tape to fix the battery in place before replacing the lid. Take care while aligning the button so it sits at the proper height and functions as originally assembled. If it is little off alignment, it will stick. You’ll figure it out.

    • Harvey

      much easier than my approach.

  • Pedro Iau

    Buy from ebay “CR2025 with tabs”. Then, no more tape, no need to worry about how to stick wire on battery.

    • Nice. I wish I’d thought to look for that.

  • yep, my boogie board is about 4 years old and it just stopped erasing.